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Essential Oils

What are essential oils?
An essential oil generally refers to an aromatic substance (one that has a noticeable aroma) that originates from a plant. The components of an essential oil are always volatile, meaning that they are a liquid that very easily becomes a gas, with their characteristic aromas resulting from molecules of the essential oil that are released into the air that we then smell.
Pure Oils of Tasmania is dedicated to exploring the essentials oils of native species of the Tasmanian flora, and particularly those in the Eucalyptus family because of their amazing array of useful properties.
 Natural essential oils have a huge array of individual components with complicated chemical names such as aldehydes, alcohols, esters, ethers, ketones, monoterpenoids, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenoids and sesquiterpenes. Even though these chemical names sound rather imposing, these amazing substances not only have strong aromas, they can have all sorts of other properties, most beneficial, some not so beneficial. 
The essential oils for any particular plant are initially determined by the genetics of the plant, but the growing conditions will also have a strong influence on the quantity and quality of oil the plant produces. The family to which a plant belongs is usually a good guide as to its potential to produce an interesting essential  oil. For instance, the Eucalyptus family, Myrtaceae is renowned for its ability to produce essential oil that is usually anti-microbial and, as well as smelling good Eucalyptus oil from a select variety of species has been used as antiseptic, cleaning products, decongestant, as cough drops and inhalant.