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Tasmanian Lavender Oil

Pure Oils of Tasmania

Tasmanian Lavender Oil

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Disclaimer* We now use black dropper on all our Pure Essential Oils.

Tasmanian Lavender Oil is highly prized for its calming, soothing and relaxing properties. This Tasmanian sub species has a fresh sweet floral-herbaceous, slightly woody aroma. The oil is used topically for skin irritations, blemishes and inflammation. It is also valuable in fighting headaches and fevers as well as aiding sleep and relieving  stress and anxiety. 

to be used directly on skin, in a diffuser, in other beauty and care products and in/on bedding.

15 mls pure essential oil

Made in Tasmania


Pure Oils of tasmania

We are a local Tasman Peninsula business that creates pure essential oil products from native Tasmanian plants for their therapeutic qualities and aromas. Our products and packaging are designed to reflect the rich botanical history and flora of Tasmania. Today we produce Kunzea, Blue Gum. Manuka and Lavender Tea Tree oils, which we and our customers love. Pure Oils of Tasmania is a response to a world where people no longer want to be surrounded by chemicals - in their homes, on their skin or in their environment.

how to use

Essential oils

A diffuser is an effective way to use essential oils through the house or office. Move into the bedroom at night to aid with sleep and help with colds and flu symptoms.

A Body and Room spritzers which are a great way to utilise oils. Can be misted on the face and body for hydrating refreshment or used all around the house, bathroom and bedrooms  for a purifying and reinvigorating effect. All our Aromatic Spritzers have antibacterial qualities with a soft and sweet scent so are a fantastic for the kitchen and bathroom, rugs, carpets, bed linen or in the car.