Pure Oils of Tasmania

The essence of the Tasmanian wilderness
in your home

We harvest pure essential oils from locally-growing native plants
to create botanical products of the finest quality that smell beautiful,
feel luxurious, and enhance wellbeing.

Every product is made with essential oils from Tasmanian plants, and is
thoughtfully crafted to become a small treasure for the body and home. 


Uniquely Tasmanian

The scent of Tasmania in your home

Pure Oils of Tasmania was established in 2018. Our headquarters are on the wild island of Tasmania at the southern-most tip of Australia, home to untamed rivers, ancient forests, and rugged coastlines kissed by the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

We harvest from native plants that grow and thrive in Tasmania to extract essential oils with unique, botanical aromas that evoke the heady anticipation of gathering rain; the woody dimness of minty, honeyed forests; damper on the campfire; memories of childhood adventures; and the nostalgic comfort of clean sheets on laundry day.


Responsibly Harvested

Local, wild, and thoughtfully made

Most of our oils are sustainably harvested from wild, native plants, on Tasmania itself or one of its outlying islands. We also partner with small-scale farmers and gardeners in Tasmania, who maintain carefully nurtured crops using organic practises, and can supplement our wild harvest.

We keep a close eye on the plants, watching them grow and transform as the season unfolds, waiting for just the right moment to begin. The harvest itself starts at dawn, and the cold, clean Tasmanian sunrise never ceases to flood the horizon with magic. The leaves and flowers must be harvested after any dew or rain has dried to minimise the chance of spoilage, but before day heats up, or the plants will lose their precious oils to the sun.

The freshly cut leaves, flowers and branchlets are then taken across to Flinders Island, a beautiful and remote island just off the north-eastern tip of Tasmania, where they are steam-distilled to create the purest of essential oils. The scent of Tasmania in a bottle.


Mindful packaging

A gift for a loved one and our planet

We believe that even the smallest items, when mindfully and beautifully packaged, can convey value and thoughtfulness. Our packaging evokes the era of exploration, embracing themes of 19th century Tasmanian flora; antique botanical illustration; and precious, botanical specimens, journeying across oceans to surprise and delight at the Royal Horticultural Society in London, or the famed Parisian gardens of Josephine Bonaparte.

All of our packaging is carefully crafted from environmentally sustainable bamboo, deliberately designed so that opening each item carries a sense of occasion, a lovely moment: a gift to yourself or a loved-one, and to our planet.


A personal story

Family owned and carefully nurtured

Pure Oils of Tasmania is a family-owned business, run by mother and daughter partnership Carey Badcoe and Josie Hannan. We are helping to create a world in which Tasmania’s unique aromatic and therapeutic natural oils can be experienced and enjoyed anywhere, without bringing harmful chemicals into our homes or onto our bodies.

Like the best wines, the oils extracted from wild Tasmanian plants carry inside them not only their botanical elements, but also aromatic notes drawn from the very soil, climate and clean air that make Tasmania a rare and precious island-gem.

It was discovering the beauty of these scents - and the genuine capacity they had to relieve pain, tension and anxiety for so many - that planted the seed of an idea in Carey to start Pure Oils of Tasmania, back in 2018. Soon joined by her daughter Josie, they partnered with horticulturalists, wild foragers and scientists to create natural, chemical-free oils, rainwater sprays, nourishing moisturisers and roll-on scents that carry a beautifully-scented piece of the Tasmanian wilderness to hands and homes across the world.

Pure Oils of Tasmania launched to the public at the iconic Salamanca Markets, a historic market nestled beside a row of Georgian warehouses by the bay in Hobart, Tasmania, and was an immediate success. Requests and feedback from market customers helped us to hone and improve our brand, and create new products that responded directly to their needs.

And while the Pure Oils of Tasmania oils, lotions and sprays can now be found in gorgeous beauty and homeware stores across Tasmania and the mainland; and will be lovingly posted anywhere in the world via online orders; you will still find us at the market every weekend, with a smile, a row of scents, and a listening ear.