Tasmanian Lavender Sleep Roll on

Pure Oils of Tasmania

Sleep Blend - Limited Edition Batch Distilled - 10mls

Relaxing, calming, soothing and restful to enhance sleep and feelings of restfullness.

We developed this blend in response to customer requests for a blend of the stress relieving qualities of Kunzea with the sleep inducing qualities of Tasmanian Lavender to create a luxurious addition to sleep preparation routine.  This relaxing blend is also useful for stress relief during the day and offers the aromatherapy benefits of two of the most potent essential to address anxiety and promote feelings of restfulness and serenity.  Both oils are grown and distilled in Tasmania Australia and are blended with Australian sweet almond oil.

Roll onto your pressure points at night before sleep or just a big sniff and enjoy a restful night sleep.


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