About us

Hello there,


Pure Oils of Tasmania is a family business I founded in 2018, which I now run together with my daughter Josie. 

After I moved to Tasmania ten years ago, I became enamoured not only with the natural environment but the high quality, sustainable and beautiful natural products I could find here.

I encountered kunzea, an oil unique to Tasmania, when a friend was being treated for terminal cancer. He mentioned that it was the only thing that would help the skin problems he had which were being exacerbated by chemotherapy and radiation. 

I began to investigate oils which could be distilled and sourced in Tasmania. I partnered with Gardening Australia’s Angus Stewart (our friend and neighbour here on the Tasman Peninsula) to learn about the properties of various plants, and to develop the oils. 

Today we produce Kunzea, Blue Gum, Manuka and Lavender Tea Tree oils, which we love, and our customers love. Every day we discover a new way our customers are using the oils for their therapeutic value, to make their homes healthy and beautiful, and for their personal wellbeing.

Pure Oils of Tasmania is a response to a world where people no longer want to be surrounded by chemicals - in their home, on their skin, in their environment - and a world when we need to care for each other, and for ourselves more than ever.

Our essential oils are a reflection of the beautiful surroundings, pure environment and quality of life enjoyed by Tasmanians, which can now be shared with the world. We hope you enjoy them!

Carey & Josie x