How to Use Essential Oils


An effective way to use essential oils through the house or office. Move into the bedroom at night to aid with sleep and help with colds and flu symptoms.
Body and Room Spray-
We have created Body and Room spritzers which are a great way to utilise oils. Can be misted on the face and body for hydrating refreshment or used all around the house, bathroom and bedrooms  for a purifying and reinvigorating effect. All our Aromatic Spritzers have antibacterial qualities with a soft and sweet scent so are a fantastic for the kitchen and bathroom, rugs, carpets, bed linen or in the car.
Steam Inhalation-
This is a very useful way to use oils when experiencing upper respiratory problems, colds, flus, sinus and ear infections. Fill a large bowl with hot water and add a small amount of oil - we recommend our Tasmanian Blue Gum- place a towel over your head and inhale deeply. Keep eyes closed.
Adding essential oils to a bath works in two ways, in gets absorbed in the skin and the effect of the evaporation causes inhalation causing relaxation. Add a few drops of your favourite oil to a warm bath, lay down and feel the soothing effects.
Topical application is a fantastic and effective way to utilise the full qualities of the oils as it can easily penetrate the skin. Our essential oils are pure so can safely be applied directly to skin. Though it is always advised to test the oil on a small part of your skin to test, everyone’s  skin is different. Our oils can always be added to a carrier oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil or a perfume free cream base, whatever you prefer. 
Essential oils can be a wonderful way to create a natural and chemical free cleaning product. All our oils are antibacterial, antiseptic and smell lovely, making them the perfect addition to your cleaning products.