Lavender Set - four products gift set

Pure Oils of Tasmania

Our complete Lavender set is perfect when you just don't want to choose! 

Tasmanian Lavender (Lavander Angustifolio)  is highly prized for its calming, soothing and relaxing properties. This Tasmanian sub species has a fresh sweet floral-herbaceous, slightly woody aroma. The oil is used topically for skin irritations, blemishes and inflammation. It is also valuable in fighting headaches and fevers as well as aiding sleep and relieving  stress and anxiety. 

Set includes:

1 X Pure Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oil

1 X Tasmanian Lavender Hand Cream

1 X Tasmanian Lavender Room and Linen Spray

1X Tasmanian Lavender Sleep Blend Roll on

Our Lavender Essential Oil can be used topically on skin, in a diffuser, for baths or in any other beauty or care products.

Our Tasmanian Lavender hand cream is all the therapeutic qualities of Lavender Oil are combined with a nourishing cream made with a gentle blend of Nut Butter, Aloe and Almond Oil to make this beautiful smoothing moisturiser suitable for the face and hands.Tasmanian Lavender Oil is highly prized for its calming, soothing and relaxing properties.

Our very own Tasmanian Lavender Room and Linen spray boasts not only many therapeutic benefits of the Tasmanian bush essences but a scent that will relax and ground you.

This spritzer can be s sprayed around a room, on your linen or on you personally for an emotional or calming lift.

Our Tasmanian Lavender Sleep Blend is relaxing, calming, soothing and restful to enhance sleep and feelings of restfullness.

We developed this blend in response to customer requests for a blend of the stress relieving qualities of Kunzea with the sleep inducing qualities of Tasmanian Lavender to create a luxurious addition to sleep preparation routine.  This relaxing blend is also useful for stress relief during the day and offers the aromatherapy benefits of two of the most potent essential to address anxiety and promote feelings of restfulness and serenity.





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