Pure Oils of Tasmania

Manuka Set


Our complete Manuka set is perfect when you just don't want to choose! 

Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) oil is recognised for its wonderfully powerful healing properties. Much like other oils in the Tea Tree family its strong anti-bacterial properties make it helpful in fighting skin infections and bites. when introduced to your skin care routine Manuka oil can help clear blemishes, dry skin and dandruff.

Set includes:

1x Pure Manuka essential Oil

1x Manuka Stress Less Roll on

1x Manuka Nourishing Face Cream

1x Manuka Aromatic Spritz

Each item has been hand made, packaged and labeled with a specific use in mind.

Our Pure Manuka oil is a steam distilled essential oil, it can be applied directly onto your skin (not around the eyes) to help with skin conditions, irritations and blemishes or on flaky scalp issues and dandruff. The oil can also be added other skin care creams and shampoos/conditions.


Our Manuka Mellow Roll On is made with Almond oil,Bay Laurel and our Manuka oil. It was created to have an easy aromatherapy lift that can be placed in your bag, pocket, next to your bed or on your desk. With an earthy, mellow blend to ground and calm you on the days when everything is going way too fast.

Manuka Nourishing Face Cream is specifically created to aid and heal skin irritations and inflammation. This cream can be used anywhere on your body but we like to use it primarily on our faces.

Manuka Aromatic Spritz is wonderfully versatile and useful. This Spritz can be used directly on your face or body for a refreshing lift  or used as a facial toner or as an antibacterial room spray to freshen up any room.


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